About Rebekka

Like you can see in the url of this website, my name is Rebekka Deforce.
Born and raised in pretty pretty Belgium.

me and my doggieI try to enjoy life to the fullest. I have a lot of passions and interests, like being an entrepreneur, creating videos and animation work, doing sports, my family, friends and pets and having lots of fun of course.

Also constantly learning new things, is something that keeps me busy and passionate.

I Do What I Love To Do

I work, over 12 years now, in the audiovisual sector. I worked for journalists of many different European television channels as a Media Manager and I run my own company Bars & Tone bvba since 1 year.

me at work

I like to help entrepreneurs with their online and offline video marketing, doing video editing jobs, animation and motion graphics work and internet marketing in general.

I love life

Magic Media ForceMore than anything else I enjoy writing for my blog Magic Media Force and interacting with my readers.

I Feel Blessed

I feel very blessed living in this wonderful time where everything is possible, you can make a living of something you love doing, be your own boss and work every day on your passions because of the internet.

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